Thursday, October 1, 2009

Leaving Bohol

After a very busy day of church hopping, I really had a great night’s sleep at Alona Grove. No matter how hot is was, I still managed to sleep like a log. This is the day I will be leaving Bohol, marking the end of my vacation. The man at Alona Grove said that they will be willing to send me to the airport for a fee. I guess it was okay, since I do not want to carry my gear with me on a motorcycle taxi. But this morning, the guy isn’t there yet.

While waiting for my driver, I went to Trudi’s for some breakfast. I had a typical Filipino breakfast of Tosilog – tocino (cured pork), sinangag (garlic rice) and itlog (egg). The meal was not really very satisfying since it was a little too small for me. I sat there sipping my cup of Milo while looking at the beach and thinking how much I will be missing this place. Work was already looming over the horizon, this early, I was already getting depressed.

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