Monday, October 26, 2009

The real fun starts in BOHOL....bee farm

Teary eyed, I immediately fixed myself and looked around for our resort service while Teresa kept herself busy getting brochures of resorts and other attractions in the island. As soon as I stepped out of the terminal, the driver was waiting for us. We were the only guests to be fetched that time, 9am so it felt more of an exclusive service. Gave me a lot of chances to talk to the driver and ask millions of questions about the area. Twas a smooth 15-20 minute ride to Bohol Bee Farm.

The moment you enter the vicinity, you immediately have this homey feeling. The place is beautifully nestled in a quiet area and there are trees all around. My idea for a retreat. I think I mentioned several times that I want to loose myself in an anonymous place where I cam leave all my worries behind. Well, this is it. Sorry for the comparison but reminds me of Sonyas Garden minus the congestion. Here, you will really feel that you are at peace with nature.

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