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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bohol Getaway By Cyril

Posted by: Cyril

One of my most anticipated summer holiday with the whole family took place in one of the country's premiere tourist destination.. BOHOL!!!!... Nine cherished and fun-filled days surely wasnt enough!!! We stayed at Panglao Island's 5 star resort Bohol Beach Club. The place was to die for! It's fine, white, powdery sand will surely captivate the young and the old. Not to mention its cyrstal clear blue cool waters with so much underwater treasures to see and witness.With it's great food, amenities and 6,000 + a night accommodations.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Port of friendship

Posted by: Gibo

The City of Tagbilaran prides itself of being a city of friendship. This claim is based on the historic blood compact between Rajah Sikatuna and the Miguel Lopez de Legaspi. The agreement between the Spanish conquistador and a native chieftain has been described as one of the first, if not the first, treaty between the east and the west.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Where Have All The Good Roads Gone?

Posted by: Miko CaƱares

The taxi drivers in Tagbilaran City realized one thing - that it’s better to drive passengers to Jagna than to anywhere in the city. The reason though is not about traffic, but road condition. It seems that repair and maintenance of the city’s roads have become of lesser importance than a planned costly installation of monitoring cameras in several locations within Tagbilaran.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Bloodstone - Chapter Eight

Posted by: Floog

Piebuko, my host, has been gracious enough to guide me to the Chocolate Hills, though at this time of the year they resemble something more akin to the Lime hills, with their summer foliage dominant from my hilltop viewing post.

It's a moment of pure tourism amidst the relaxed schedule of the hunt. I'm not one for taking chances and leaving everything to the last minute foibles of ill conceived travel arrangements. I am sure footed, predictable, and I like things just so.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Balicasag Bohol - Untouched Beauty

Posted by: Daryl

Balicasag is one the beautiful islets in Bohol. This is where most tourists from different parts of the World spend their summer weeks. It's the best place to dive and feel the sun, the waves and the atmosphere..

Balicasag is a quick 30 minute boat ride from Alona Beach on Panglao Island. A small island with a rocky coast and strong currents during the winter months, it is one of the top snorkeling and scuba diving locations in the Visayan Islands. Currently there is only one resort on the island which has its own restaraunt. Although we did not stay over night we did enjoy a nice breakfast along the beach and a couple hours of snorkeling and shell collecting along the coral strewn beach.

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Summer 2008 in Bohol

Posted by: Winston

The first day was very exciting. I had to cram our way to the Davao International Airport. Andie, Cris and me arrived in the airport thirty minutes before our scheduled Cebu Pacific flight. We don’t have our tickets printed yet and worst of all, we were informed that the check-in counter was already closed. Thanks to our charm convincing skills that the airport security, baggage inspector and the airline crew let us in.

Massage at the Ferry TermnalWe arrived in Cebu on time and had our breakfast at McDonalds in Mandaue City (I’m not sure if it’s in Mandaue). While waiting for our ferry to Bohol, we had a soothing massage at the boarding gate of the ferry terminal.

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Recovering the music and culture of an Asian nation's colonial past

Posted by: Dartmouth College Office of Public Affairs

An international and interdisciplinary symposium at Dartmouth College April 30 through May 2 will celebrate the unique music and culture that flowered in the Philippine Islands in the late stages of its colonial rule by Spain.

"Encuentro Filipino: Rediscovering a Hispanic Nation: The Fine and Performing Arts in the Philippine Islands Before The Invasion of 1898" will feature five leading scholars of 19th-century Filipino music and the Fine Arts, as well as performances by Hopkins Center for the Arts pianist-in-residence Sally Pinkas and one by one of the Philippines' leading youth ensembles, the Loboc Children's Choir. All events are free and open to the public.

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Bohol Itinerary

Posted by: Joni

I’ve been asked a few times by some friends to share the itinerary of our Bohol trip last month. I intended to blog about it earlier but, I don’t know, I was too occupied — lazy, really — to do it. I did share some Bohol photos though if you missed that one!

This summer, most office people sure are itching to get off their boring chairs to enjoy the sand and sun for a change (I know I am), and Bohol is probably one of the most talked-about island paradise destinations in the Philippines. Our trip to Bohol was planned by my friend, Van (we didn’t sign up for some package tour). That girl has been to so many places and nature trips that you just know you’ve got nothing to worry about when she’s around. She did a great job planning our itinerary (Thanks, Van!). Anyway, if you’re looking for an inexpensive vacation, our Bohol experience might be helpful.

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Mabugnaw Falls unexplored

Posted by: Meitats

Vacation has become the most favorite activity for all of us – no matter how tied up our schedules are – we really find time for it. We might have different ways and reasons of spending it but most of us perhaps agree on same ground that is to commune with a place just to unload our stress.

This summer, Bohol is undoubtedly getting denser everyday because of the tourist influx. Like us they too have their reasons of coming over.

If you want to make a difference, try to visit Mabugnaw Falls over Sigpit River, two kilometers away from Barangay Canlangit in Sierra Bullones, Bohol. Canlangit is just 3 kilometers from the town proper.

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