Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bohol Tarsier

After almost an hour of reminiscing Bohol’s history, it was time to meet Bohol’s popular attraction, the Tarsiers. Our van suddenly parked on one side street and our driver told us that we were already in the Bohol Tarsier spot. Being a tourist, I didn’t imagined that this would just be the spot for these Bohol Tarsiers, I was then imagining that we would be meeting these Tarsiers in a somewhat forest like and would need to do some trekking to get to the place.

We went inside, passed through a few stalls that sell Tarsier souvenirs like key chains, purses, mini-dolls, packed peanut kisses and a lot more. There were bunch of trees in one part of the area where we saw these Tarsiers clinging on the branches. They were so small with big eyes and long tail. They look cute but personally I was a bit scared to go near it… hehe. Taking pictures is okay but without flash and they are not allowed to be touched. Which now I know why, because my friend tried touching one Tarsier’s back and it quickly jumped and I was a bit shocked that I think added to my uneasiness with these Tarsiers. Haha.

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