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Monday, December 8, 2008

Bohol Philippines - God's Little Paradise ...Indeed

Before saying goodbye to my last company and moving here in Adelaide, our business partner invited us at Bohol for their summer outing...who wouldn't agree to join?? My last trip to Bohol was I think 2002 and I'm sure a lots have changed and what's more exciting is that we are staying at the newest place called Amorita Resort in Alona Beach, Panglao Island.

I was so excited because it will be our last (at the moment) summer vacation in the Philippines. I know what I'm going to miss once we move even then because I so love our beaches and the spas!!!

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Great Bohol Adventure

We were in Bohol from December 3-9 and boy, did we enjoy it! It was our first time to travel alone, as a family, without the usual extended family members or friends. It was also the first plane ride for my kids. Ishi was afraid at first, complete with a trembling chin and teary eyes, but later on was very happy to be up there on the clouds. They just complained of a little pain in the ears which disappeared later on.

We arrived at the Bohol Divers Resort ( I got a package from Tata Rabe, she is a very accommodating lady and will give you a package that will suit you, contact her at tatarabe@yahoo.com) at around 4pm. Our room was at the other side of the resort, with a garden view and 2 minutes walk to the beach and 5 minutes walk to the big swimming pool. The walk was really a good thing since it helped us burn the food, he he. We immediately went to check the beach and we were not disappointed!



Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bohol Escapades 11.29-30.08

Bohol Island is the main island of Bohol Province in the Visayas. It lies southeast from Cebu Island across Cebu Strait (in some references called Bohol Strait) and southwest from Leyte Island, separated by the Camotes Sea and Canigao Channel. Bohol is also located north of Mindanao with Bohol Sea between them.

The reasons to visit Bohol can be as varied as the number of people who visit the place, but there are a few that will usually resound among the many reasons. Those who favor some fun in the tropical waters will find a lot of idyllic beaches. You’ll find all sorts of seaside wonders from developed beaches like Alona Beach to exclusive secluded waterfront locations for your own private encounters in the tropical waters.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Viva Bohol!

This is the first time Garandee's family has ever been to the Philippines, so we had to make a good impression to encourage them to visit more often. She thought Bohol will definitely make a good first impression, and boy was she right!

Garandee's Mom and brother have never experienced a beach in their whole lives so you can just imagine how amazed they were when we arrived at the Bohol Beach Club in Panglao Island. Read on for the photos!

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