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Friday, July 31, 2009

11 Things to do in Bohol

You can get to Bohol by taking a plane to Tagbiliran like we did via Cebu Pacific Air (Fare is about P 5,000 round trip Manila-Tagbilaran-Manila). Read more details how to get here.

You can either check into your hotel first before taking the tour or go straight with the tour if you arrive first thing in the morning in Tagbilaran. Tour can take at least 5 hours with all the travelling from one spot to another.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jessie's Zip Line Adventure in Danao, Bohol

You’ve heard of the Chocolate Hills in Carmen, the river cruise and the tarsiers in Loboc, and dolphin watching in Pamilacan Island. Who hasn't? These and many other wonderful destinations define Bohol tourism.

Just like other travelers and tourists, I thought I’ve experienced Bohol. But not quite. Three weeks ago, I visited the Danao Adventure Park in Barangay Magtangang in the municipality of Danao. Managed by the local government, it is located around 70 kilometers from Tagbilaran City. As of this writing, it is the newest, if not the most exciting, destination in the province.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wondrous Mag-aso Falls in Antequera, Bohol

Mag-aso Falls lies in the heart of Antequera, Bohol, only two kilometers away from the town proper. Aso is another Filipino term for fog or white smoke, and this was where the falls got its name. We went to Mag-aso Falls on a Wednesday morning, during my recent Bohol vacation. We rode in a motorcycle and passed through rough roads but it was worth it. Mag-aso Falls was wondrous and cool.

Entrance fee is P20 or less than a dollar. The earnings goes directly to the local government.

As we trekked through concrete steps on the way to the falls, we were welcomed by the sweet breeze and the enchanting sound of the cascading water.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Staying In Jagna Lodge, Bohol, Philippines

If you are looking for a serene place to stay in Jagna, Bohol (Philippines), I suggest you check Jagna Lodge which is situated only 10 minutes by tricycle (the town's means of public transportation) from the town proper.

My boyfriend and I have stayed there for a week (November 2006) and rented the house they have for only Php10,000 (about USD200). The house is huge and can accommodate a family or a group gathering. It has a very spacious living room, two big bedrooms, one small bedroom, a big kitchen and dining area. There's also a terrace in front of the house where you and your partner/loved ones/friends can unwind and relax especially during the night.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Service in Bohol: Needs Improvement

I think it takes an outsider to see how the service and facilities fare in Bohol considering they claimed now that the island is a well-known tourist destination in the country. I basically consider myself an outsider now since I am living outside of Bohol and rarely gets home.

I have one word for Boholanos- IMPROVE!

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bohol’s First Mango Processing Plant

An enterprising 50-year-old agricultural engineer has put up Bohol ’s first mango processing plant in his hometown of Tubigon. He is Cecilio “Dodie ” Itable, a Manila-bused engineering contractor, who had wanted to engage in farming and agribusiness not just for the money but also to break the hassles of doing business in the city.

In 2007, Dodie and his brothers and his sisters organized the Itable Agri-Industrial Corporation not only to engage in mango processing but also to develop a 45-hectare property near the processing plant into a mango plantation and agrotourism destination. He and wife Lorna own 85 percent of the corporation.

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Bohol In Pictures

I miss Bohol... then I stumbled upon Inday Guapa's blog and saw some wonderful Bohol pictures, and I miss it even more!

I came across Wanderlust In Motion blog (www.indayguapa.com) while googling for blogs about Bohol by Bol-anons. The author, Inday Guapa, who describes herself as an adventurer at heart, writes about her travel adventures on this blog.

In this particular blogpost, a bit of cebu lovin' and a dash of bohol too, she put out some great pictures of Bohol (and Cebu), some of which I freely used on this post but properly acknowledged.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

The allure of Ananyana

It all started simply — as most journeys often do. The urban frenzy was becoming constricting and the need to escape to sublime serenity was necessary. Hibernating in a tried-and-tested soulful sanctuary was a must — this time, in the beautiful Ananyana resort, our home away from home in the sunny island of Panglao in Bohol.

Just a comfortable hour-long flight away was all it took for my family, friends and I to find ourselves enchanted by this slice of paradise. From Tagbilaran, the capital of Bohol, where our Cebu Pacific plane landed, we were whisked off along well-paved roads to this jewel of a resort in Panglao. From Ananyana’s enclave, guests can traipse to the province’s green-mantled hills, waterfalls, lush forests, caramel colored sandy beaches, meandering rivers and centuries-old churches. Guests can also opt to be ferried to the middle of the sea on a glass-bottom boat and watch dolphins frolicking. Today, Bohol is among the country’s top tourism destinations for it is an ode to the beauty and glory of its heritage and culture as well as a magnet to progressive infrastructure, amenities and very soon a new and posh airport.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Experience Bohol

I went to Bohol last June 2-4 with my Tita Elsa, cousins Gale and Angelo, Arlen and my boy Luigi. The first day was spent travelling from Manila to Tagbilaran and then a whole day tour around the province of Bohol. We visited several landmarks like the Blood Compact statues, Baclayon Church, the Tarsiers, lunch at Loboc River and the famous Chocolate Hills.

Then, the last stop was the Dumaluan Beach Resort where we checked in for 2 nights. It was surprising to meet Cesar Montano, Sunshine Cruz and Bayani Agbayani early Wednesday morning. Buboy was so nice and friendly, oh well he is running for Governor of Bohol this coming election that's why he was there attending seminars and campaigns.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bea Zobel Jr., Ben Chan join hands for Bohol

Call it Divine Providence.

In a carinderia (eatery) in Baclayon, Bohol, philanthropist Beatriz Susana Zobel de Ayala Jr. was talking shop with diver-businessman Joel Uichico when her mobile phone rang.

Ben Chan, chairman of Suyen Corp., was calling to make a pledge after reading an article on her civic work in Bohol. He offered to donate part of the sales from Bench’s Green Tee, a line of T-shirts dedicated to environment causes, for the construction of the tourism information center on Baclayon’s wharf.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Touring Bohol In One Day

When people talk about the top tourist destinations in the Philippines, Bohol would surely be included in the discussion.

Beautiful Bohol is located in the Philippines and is very accessible either by water or by air. Foreigners have the option to enter the Philippines either through the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila or through the international airport of Cebu. The most common route would be to enter the Philippines through Manila and catch a connecting flight to the town of Tagbilaran which takes around an hour and fifteen minutes. Some tourists even prefer to spend a few days in Manila to relax in hotels like the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel Manila. This is not the only way to go. Budget travelers can take the twenty-five hour boat ride to Bohol. Another possible route is to take the plane ride to Cebu and catch a ferry to Bohol. A lot of visitors choose this route as they get to “shoot two birds with one stone,” so to speak.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Trip na Trip: Bohol

We checked out early from NS Royal Pensione and managed to get a taxi right away. It was a Monday morning; we anticipated a slight congestion in the roads leading to the port area but the traffic turned out to be so light we arrived in Pier 4 in 10 minutes. We paid 10 pesos at the pier’s entrance and the taxi driver dropped us off in front of the Supercat terminal. Security checks completed, we waited for about 30 minutes and then we started boarding the ferry. Bye Cebu, Hello Bohol!

We arrived in Tagbilaran at 10:45 am, took a few snaps with the “Welcome Port of Tagbilaran” sign as background. Tourists, you know. I overheard a lady said “first time?” with all the sarcasm she could muster. I had to fight the urge to retort a resounding, “Yes, it is my first time here! Got any problem with that?” But no, no one can ruin my vacation.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

What's on in Bohol (even when it rains)

Boatmen call it “the sea between Bohol and Siquijor.” Here pumpboats ferry tourists to go dolphin-watching and island-hopping.

To catch sight of the dolphins, you need to be at mid-sea by early morning. The spot where dolphins come out to greet the first rays of sunlight is a 30-minute boat ride from Panglao Island’s beach resorts.

After the close encounter with the dolphins, you’re off to marvel at the rich coral bed and wide variety of fish in the marine sanctuary that is Balicasag Island, about 30 minutes away.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Corella: Sanctuary of an Endangered Species

Both facing extinction, what is believed to be the oldest and the latest species in the highest class of vertebrates, which is class mammalian, find refuge in the town of Corella.

The vast wilderness of this interior town of Bohol has long been the home of the Philippine Tarsier, tarsius syrichta, or locally known as “mawmag.” This nocturnal creature with enormous eyes, large ears with bulbous tips of fingers and toes that can cling to the top branches of trees, is considered to be the world’s smallest existing mammal.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

A Day In Bohol

I arrived in Tagbilaran City, Bohol via Cebu Pacific. If you’re looking to have low air fare rates, keep watch of Cebu Pacific’s promos. They tend to give really low rates at certain times. They also have Go Lite Fares that are cheaper than the usual fare as long as you only have hand-carry luggage.

Moving on…

Bohol is a small island in the Visayas region – but very beautiful. Since it is small, you can actually tour the whole place in one day! Just get a hotel (I suggest Bohol Tropics) where you can leave your luggage and rest for the night, then rent a van (it cost our group of ten around P4000) that will tour you around the island.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

An Enchanting Beach Resort Experience

After having bookmarked a lot of Bohol and travel-related sites I started calling some of my “candidates” to check for available accommodations. I was already mind set to get a resort in the Bolod Beach area after hearing that it had the best shoreline in Panglao island. Unfortunately the two resorts, Bohol Beach Club and Dumaluan (the only ones I was able to dig up in the area) were both fully booked in my preferred travel dates. With my flight already booked it seemed that I had to settle for the resorts along Alona Beach … not that they weren’t good, it’s just that my preference was really to book in the Bolod area.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bewitched by Bohol's Beauty

I can't exactly recall how many times I've visited this turtle-shaped island in the Philippines to attend either a training or a conference, but each visit always outclasses the previous one and shows me a distinct side of the place I missed during the last trip. There's so much to discover and experience in the island but so far, I've only managed to see the numerous attractions found in its western and central parts.

A veritable paradise, the island province in Central Visayas has everything that tourists yearn to find in a getaway - powdery white-sand beaches, cool waters, swaying coconut trees, lush marine life, comfortable cottages, world-class amenities, ancient landmarks, friendly folks, among others. No wonder Bohol now ranks as one of the Philippines' prime eco-tourism destinations.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2009 Summer Adventure No. 3: Bohol and Cebu

My 11-day vacation in Bohol and Cebu was awesome. I think that's the best term to describe it. I had fun and felt carefree for 11 days. It helped that my office didn't bother me about work during that short vacation. I consider it one of my best vacations ever, mainly because I was with my mother, my younger sister and my second family, the Techos. I really can't ask for more with a vacation like that. Now, on with the details...

I've been to Cebu City several times already. Now I realize that every time I go there, I never run out of things to do and places to dine in. It's sad though that this time, I only stayed in Cebu for three days. It was at Golden Prince Hotel and Suites, currently my most favorite hotel in Cebu. (Never mind Edel, you'll be back to Cebu this August for a friend's wedding!)

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Saving Bohol’s Past

Once in the great Paris flea market, at the Porte de Clignancourt, I saw a handful of Bohol “santos” on display. Before asking for the price I innocently asked for their provenance—where were these wonderful folk images of the Virgin Mary originally from—and was told they came from Latin America! I did not argue because I was certain that if these were correctly labeled as coming from the Philippines, they would cost much less. I had a similar experience in an antique mall in New York City where Bohol “santos” were said to be South American and cost more.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Bohol Experience

So far, my Bohol trip is what I considered as the most exciting and wonderful travel of my life. I’ve been to different parts of the Philippines but Bohol is a lot lovelier than the rest that I’ve seen.

I arrived in Tagbilaran, Bohol last May 13 for the ACSCU seminar with 3 of my officemates, where we were served as the major sponsor. The venue was held at the Bohol Tropics. It was such a beautiful place. The weather was so supportive because it didn’t rain during our 3-days stay! We stayed at Metro Centre Hotel, also one of the finest hotels in Bohol.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

A piece of Paradise in Bohol

One of the highlights of our recent Manila holidays was going to Bohol for a much needed R&R. Since this would be the last time that honey and I are travelling by ourselves, because soon enough we’ll have our little angel always with us, we wanted to make it extra special trip. We had to book everything at a very short period of time making it more difficult to have all our requirements met or otherwise making the trip very costly since it’s the peak season after all. Good thing one of my college friends, M, recently got married and had her honeymoon in Bohol just a few weeks earlier and she was able to recommend an agent who can take care of all our needs.

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It is not very often that one gets out of the city to find and experience the pristine and the primeval. Last week, I was in Maribojoc in the island province of Bohol to enjoy not just the fiesta and behold its ancient landmarks but to also experience its “secret places,” the blue and green quiet spaces that glide in and out of one’s dreams.

While Bohol now figures big on the tourism map because of the beaches of Panglao, the Chocolate Hills and the cultural sites, it has other little-known spots that could draw a different breed of visitors, explorers who are drawn to paths less traveled. Like myself. Maribojoc has such special places.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Demolition Man

I can still remember the 1993 American film Demolition Man where Sylvester Stallone faced off Wesley Snipes in a science-fiction-war-thriller movie set in 2032. The forces between good and evil, between light and darkness, is captured vividly in the film while it puts forward the idea that one can coexist with the other even in the mind of a single person. In movies of this plot, the protagonist is always the one at the fold of the law, the one that is just, the one who asserts its rightful power against the other.

But as I write this piece, I no longer refer to that police officer played by Stallone in the movie. I refer to one person who has, after all these years, shown what political will is all about. I must admit I am never a fan of this man. I was very critical of his administration when he ‘ruled’ the island of Panglao when I was still studying university. But he is the modern-day Demolition Man.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Brightest spot in RP tourism

Tourism is booming in the island-province of Bohol in the Central Visayas, and even first-time visitors can quickly see why.

Paradoxically, besides its world-famous Chocolate Hills and tarsiers, there is little that physically distinguishes Bohol from the rest of the Philippines. Beaches, dive sites, Spanish colonial-era churches, etcetera dot the archipelago

What sets Bohol apart are its people—and, equally important, a focused tourism development program, which has successfully involved and benefited Boho-lanos from all walks of life.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Blast In Bohol

Last month, Papa had a convention in Bohol and Mama, Trixi and I came along. It was boring in the airport but soon we boarded the plane. When we arrived in Bohol, we checked in at Amorita Resort to spend a night there. We swam in their infinity pool. An attentive lifeguard named Edward lent me a pair of goggles since I left mine at home. He also lent Trixi a floatie. After swimming, we ate a banana split in their snack bar. Instead of a room, we stayed in a villa. Each villa had a private pool with bubbles, a giant bed, an awesome 40-inch TV, and an outdoor shower! When I swam in the private pool, the water was so cold! But Trixi and I had a lot of fun playing.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Bohol, a semi-paradise

Feeling very tired and quite sick (not with the H1N1 virus, though), I took a plane for Tagbilaran, Bohol, last Monday, May 4, for a retreat-cum-vacation. I was met at the airport by Ms. Sol Yu, a former parishioner of mine in San Fernando de Dilao Parish, Paco, Manila, where I was parish priest for 11 years. Sol and her husband, Primo, are very successful rice dealers, and have now decided to live a quieter, though still very productive life by establishing and running a beautiful pension house in Mansasa seaside, just about 3 km from the center of Tagbilaran. The name of the pension house is Villa del Sol, and it sits near the outlet to the sea. It faces the Dauis Church in Panglao Island, which is just five minutes away. Right away, I felt the beneficial effects of the sea breeze, and after just one day I was cured of my cough which had bothered me for more than a month. Even more than the breeze, the easy and familial atmosphere of Villa del Sol contributed to my almost instant recovery. The atmosphere was so tranquil that I could pray near the sea till late in the evening.

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Destination Detox: Bohol

Mom and I went to Bohol last April 25-27. It was sort of a last-minute plan since we were only able to book our flights on Monday of the same week. We arrived in the morning at headed straight to the town proper. Because it was high time for beach bums and countryside travelers, we chose to stay at a pension house in Tagbilaran. The only available rooms in the beach resorts were executive suites which were also sweetly (and steeply) overpriced. Why pay that much when all you’ll do there is sleep anyway?

Right after having lunch and freshening up, we proceeded with our tour of the island—starting with Panglao.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Balicasag, Bohol’s island paradise dive site

Chosen as one of the top 20 diving spots in the world, this 25-hectare island off the tip of Bohol province in Central Visayas is a fish sanctuary of over 2,000 species that make marine biologists and scuba divers agog each time they dive.

It features a never-ending undersea spectacle of God’s creations such as giant stingrays, sea turtles, napoleon rash, whale sharks, white tip-sharks, devil mantas, colorful clown fish, tuna, to name a few, that make the coastal waters around the island their permanent abode. Thousands of caves and caverns underneath also abound in the island.

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Friday, July 3, 2009

My Bohol experience

Food, glorious food!!!! Ah. Nothing gets a person going especially during heat but some sun, fun and scrumptious food.

I recently came from a trip to Amorita resort in Bohol along Alona Beach. WOW! I'm telling you, the place is great! Next to the Palm, this place is good! I especially love the setting at night time when they would decorate the place.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sojourn to Bohol

I think I need to recapitulate the memories I have had during my short sojourn to Bohol Island before I will leave it into total oblivion. Reading them in my blog will surely help me recall the few good things I’ve got to experience this year.

We have to cross the water towards Cebu City on an overnight trip before taking another fast craft to Tagbilaran City the next afternoon. The trip to Cebu City was my first since the time I’d use to cruise or fly in between islands for the project development activities that we were tasked to monitor during my short stint with the Australian Aid for International Development (AusAID), and that was over 6 yrs ago!

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My latest Bohol trip: itinerary and budget! :)

In Bohol, the highest influx of tourists is said to be during Fiesta Month, which is May. Starts off at May1st which is the Fiesta of St. Joseph the Worker in Tagbilaran City, followed by May 3 in Panglao, and so forth.

With my grandmother based in Tagbilaran, we appropriately scheduled our annual vacation in time for the Fiesta! We were there April 27 to May 2. We decided to do the main tours during weekdays because weekends at the tourist spots can become congested!

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