Saturday, October 3, 2009

Back from Bohol

I just arrived back from "the second greatest island in all of the Philippines" Bohol :)

I left early Wednesday and took the 2hr ferry south to the 11th largest island in the Philippines. When I arrived the usual deluge of people offering rides and tours emerged, but I knew what I wanted and got a tri-cycle ride right to the bus terminal. I went to the ATM at the mall nearby and bought some dried mango and jack fruit along with 3 liters of water. I hurried back to the bus and we began at noon. We rumbled down the sometimes gravel, sometimes cement and often rugged roads for about 2 hours before getting a flat tire. The crew had the tire changed in less than 10 minutes which was quite a relief. At the 3rd hour we arrived in Danao where I jumped on a motorbike (habal-habal style) and made my way towards E.A.T Danao. I had called them before I left Tagbilaran, right after getting off the ferry and getting their number from the motorbike driver.

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