Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Secrets of Mahaba, Talibon, Bohol

Mahaba is an islet in Talibon that has not been inhabited for decades. It has not been owned by any individual or family eversince. There had been several claimants of this small island already 3 or 4 decades ago but definitely not the family, who is currently enjoying its resources, playing god over the men and women working for them at their own disposal, but paid by the local government of Talibon.

Since there was no single family or individual who could absolutely say they or he owns the islet then and even if one of the claimants was a tough lady lawyer of a big clan in Talibon, common sense dictates that there must be a reason why it can't be owned by anybody. And the safest possible answer to that must be that Mahaba is a government property declared as a protected area under the management of the DENR. Unless one considers otherwise that those claimants of the long past were not as greedy as the one at present which somehow is also possibly correct.But, why and how come that Mahaba, being a protected area and a government property at that, has been developed and fully operated and managed by a family who is acting and promoting the island as if they absolutely own it?

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