Thursday, September 3, 2009

BOHOL: Highlights of May 2009 Bohol Tour

This is my third visit to Bohol. I have been going there for three consecutive years now since year 2007, and obviously, I never grew tired of visiting Bohol over and over and over again. There is something enthralling in an island so small yet so rich with history, culture, natural and man-made wonders, not to mention the heartwarming Boholanos.

My first visit to Bohol was a mere day tour at the countryside. I was in Cebu for business and having the weekend off, we crossed to Bohol to go around the island. On my second visit, my friends and I stayed at Panglao Island for two days and we were able to snorkel at Balicasag Island. My third visit was just May of this year and this was my longest stay by far, being four days. Here are some highlights of the first day of our Bohol Tour.

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