Saturday, September 26, 2009

BOHOL (City of Friendship)

The main island is surrounded by about 73 smaller islands, the largest of which are Panglao Island facing Tagbilaran City in the southwest and Lapinig Island in the northeast, but the famous one is the Panglao Island where you can find easy-access establishment along the shore while communing the nature on its fine white sand beaches and it is generally associated with Alona Beach - a congested strip of resorts and dive centres on the far west side. While Alona doesn't necessarily afford much sunbathing privacy, it's a logical choice for those who demand tropical drinks at beachside bars after diving.

If you are fond on Aquamarine thing you can also try to visit Balicasag Island - the best diving site of Bohol. Dolphin watching is one of the activities that you can also try, i suggest you wake-up in the morning as early as possible and catch a boat that will bring you there, groups of dolphin can be seen near in the Island of Balicasag.

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