Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blessings and Bohol

A lot of people we know have already been to Bohol. We have always dreamed of going but a trip for 7 people in a family calls for serious financial planning. So for me and my family, it was something we looked forward to since March when we finally had our plane tickets booked. Since it would be the first time for our youngest Pio to take the plane, he would unceasingly ask us when we will be riding the airplane - my mistake for exciting him early.

Blessing no. 1 - enter low air fare promo again from Cebu Pacific. Thanks to sis Roan for alerting us one evening last March about this. Suzette and the kids kept on calling me in the office to confirm on the dates when we can book our flight. They were all excited to book online and got a bargain fare for 7 pax for 10K. That's a really sweet deal!

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