Sunday, August 9, 2009

Beautiful Bohol

Bohol is one of the best quick adventure escapes outside Cebu City. It is an hour trip by fast craft ferries like Ocean Jet, Weesam or Supercat. Bohol is gaining to be the top tourist destination in the country because of its stunning white sand beaches, azure blue waters in Panglao, Eco-tourism thrills and the famous tarsiers.

From General Santos, I reached Cebu around 1pm and headed directly to Pier 1 for Ocean Jet (OJ) Passengers. I have availed of the incredibly low fare of P400 return ticket from Cebu-Tagbilaran, Bohols’ Capital. This can be availed if you booked a ticket 1 week before your departure but you can also avail of the P300 return if you book in advance 2 weeks before your date compared to the P800 return outright purchase. I have also inquired that Supercat offers P300 economy class return. However, OJ has the most number of trips to the island of Bohol thats why its more convenient. They charge P50 for rebooking.

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