Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chocolate Hills Is Back On Track

Posted by: Jerry Sisican

After going missing under mysterious circumstances, Bohol's pride, the Chocolate Hills, is back in the Top 10 (down 3 notches from 6 to 9) in the ongoing quest for the New 7 Wonders of Nature. When it went missing from the list a couple of weeks ago, lots of Bol-anons wanting to vote for the famous hills were asking what has happened. The good governor and the 1st district congressman also got involved and queried several organisations, including the organisers themselves (New7Wonders Foundation), on why Chocolate Hills was taken off from the list.

I tried to dig out possible reasons in the web and came across the story of the delisting of Ha Long Bay, still on top of the list at the moment, which is found in Vietnam. I found it from the Press section of the organiser's website ( The news story cited the reason for its delisting as the infringement of the organiser's copyrights. Apparently, some of the bay's supporters have used, for commercial purposes, contents from the organiser's website without its expressed permission. The bay's main organising committee had acted positively on the New7Wonders Foundation's demand for their supporters to stop these acts. Since then Ha Long Bay is back on the list.

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