Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bohol: An adventurers Mecca

For those that have visited Bohol, they can attest to the spirit of the local people. Their knowledge of their forebear's history and the land that they inhabit, is full of wisdom. If you're into adventure, don't miss this article.

Sink your teeth into history, nature and adventure. For 85 long years, freedom fighter Francisco Dagohoy and around 23,000 of his men fought against Spanish rule. Through the patriotic deeds of Dagohoy and his men, the people of Bohol lived free from the hands of Spaniards.

Cradled between vast mountain ranges and nature’s best, lies the very site where Dagohoy and his men fought for freedom.

Enter Danao, Bohol, home of the longest revolution against the conquistadors and now host to a new adventure for the modern-day thrill seeker.

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