Monday, July 20, 2009

Trip na Trip: Bohol

We checked out early from NS Royal Pensione and managed to get a taxi right away. It was a Monday morning; we anticipated a slight congestion in the roads leading to the port area but the traffic turned out to be so light we arrived in Pier 4 in 10 minutes. We paid 10 pesos at the pier’s entrance and the taxi driver dropped us off in front of the Supercat terminal. Security checks completed, we waited for about 30 minutes and then we started boarding the ferry. Bye Cebu, Hello Bohol!

We arrived in Tagbilaran at 10:45 am, took a few snaps with the “Welcome Port of Tagbilaran” sign as background. Tourists, you know. I overheard a lady said “first time?” with all the sarcasm she could muster. I had to fight the urge to retort a resounding, “Yes, it is my first time here! Got any problem with that?” But no, no one can ruin my vacation.

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