Monday, June 1, 2009

A Quick Tour to the Inviting and Charming Province of Bohol, Philippines

An interesting, charming and appealing island province in the southern region of the Philippines, Bohol is famous for its attractive white sand beaches, beautiful tourist spots, elegant hotels and resorts as well as first-rate restaurants. Many Filipino travelers and foreigners spend their vacation in the province because it has an inviting, relaxing and refreshing atmosphere. To know more about this alluring island province, let us have a quick tour to the famous places and commercial establishments in Bohol.

Amusing and Historical Tourist Spots

Bohol features different attractive, amusing and historical tourist spots. Chocolate Hills, Blood Compact Site, Mount Carmel Hill, President Carlos P. Garcia Memorial Park, Behind the Clouds, Dagohoy Marker and Punta Cruz are some of the appealing tourist destinations in the province.

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