Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Easter Trip to Bohol & Camiguin Islands 2009

Our trip started out early Monday morning on April 6 going to the port of Cebu to ride a 2 hour boat ride on a double hull air catamaran boat to Bohol. Since it was a holiday the boat was fully booked with lots of people going home for Easter and lots of Korean tourists going to Bohol for vacation. It had a big screen tv on board and we watched a Korean film with English subtitles. It
was air conditioned and the tickets cost 450 pesos (about $5 dollars)

On this trip we were headed to another island off the coast of Mindanao called Camiguin with lots of natural attractions to see as noted in our travels below. When we arrived in the port of Tagbilaran Bohol we took a small motorcyle sidecar to the bus station and immediately boarded a rusty old bus completely packed and departed for Jagna Bohol which is at the bottom of the Bohol island and the nearest port to Camiguin Island.

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