Friday, January 11, 2008

My Continuing Love Affair with Bohol!

Posted by: Coolbabe Tita

You think im talking about a guy? Hell no, im talking about one of the Phillipines' most amazing provinces... Bohol.

My first time to set foot on this province was in June 2006. Like an infatuated teenager, i fell in love at first sight. The province is just too amazing to behold. If you are a beach enthusiast, there's the amazing Panglao Island to explore. You love culture and history? Bohol is rich with it too. Nature lover? You'll have the Chocolate Hills (a wonder in itself!), the Hagdanan Cave, the tarsiers (smallest primates in the planet), the beautiful long stretches of white sand beaches, the gorgeous diving sites, or you can have that yummy lunch on a boat restaurant while cruising the Loboc River. Remember the feeling of looking at someone and your heart goes a-flutter? This place just evoked that in me in my first visit.

I came back a week after, on my birthday. It may be a working day for me but Im lucky to have a job that I love and allows me to indulge my infatuation at the same time.

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