Monday, January 7, 2008

Beautiful Bohol

Posted by: Swikey

For the longest time I can remember, Bohol was one of my "must go" places in the Philippines. Somehow, plans of going to the island never followed through until now.

I just came back from Bohol with three amazing friends -- Blooey, Janeh, and LA -- who proved to be great company when there's not much to do at night. Oh yes, we can keep ourselves amazed without tearing each other's heads off.

Anyhow, what makes Bohol infinitely fantastic is that it offers a welcome respite for the weary city dweller. Blame it on the pristine beaches, the laid-back vibe, and the abundance of everything green, but Bohol really is the ideal escape from all things related to the stress and hustle-bustle of living in Manila.

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