Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Bohol Tour

Posted by: Dan Gideon

I love Bohol.

The beaches: Panglao is way smaller than Boracay, less congested, more developed, and way more private.

People: Cool people who really love Bohol: Our tour guide Manong Dudong. The people less in your face about renting or buying things, way more courteous and respectful than in Boracay. A good 70-80 percent of the travelers were foreigners so you'd make interesting friends as well.

Tour packages: Chocolate hills, the "Sanduguan" shrines (they have two, the "real one" commissioned by Ambeth Ocampo), the Loboc river lunch on the boat cruise, the Tarsiers, the churches (one was the second oldest one), the man-made forest (literally planted by boy scouts and girl scouts of the Philippines) and the dolphin sighting. I only saw four dolpins because of the low tides, high waves condition of the sea. Nonetheless, wowoweee!

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