Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bohol, Philippines by Godfrey

I'm still in the Philippines and Brandon and I just back from the island of Bohol and it was gorgeous! It was how I initially pictured the Philippines, a jungles of green everywhere. Brandon's two bosses Jeremy and Jon are so busy trying to get the call center up and going by next Monday and getting into their homes that they didn't go with us. Yup you guessed it, Brandon and I ventured off to a place that we have never been to. I was ok with it once Brandon made a friend at the hotel we are staying at in Cebu told him how to get around. We got up early and packed up a suitcase so that we could get a boat over to Bohol. The boat ride wasn't that bad. It was only an 1hr45 min. boat ride and when we got to Bohol I felt really overwhelmed. The reasoning is because we had sooo many tour guides just bombarding u to have them take u on the famous Chocolate Hills tour. I told Brandon to lets just find a freakin taxi! We found a guy and Brandon tried to negotiate a price but he didn't go down but he seemed liked he could speak ok English so off we went to the hotel.

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