Friday, June 4, 2010

Beautiful Bohol

This expansive farm in the town of Dauis on Panglao Island is all about embracing the natural, organic lifestyle. The small herb garden by the main entrance is a lush home to pots of tarragon, basil, dill, fennel, coriander, peppermint—all of which you can touch and smell one by one on the free farm tour for guests. Included in the tour is a 101 talk on bees and how they work. But before you set off for the tour, take a seat and eat. The menu is a page-turner—Yoga Salad with Cheese, Organic Vegetables Stir-Fried with Shrimps, Grilled Marlin, Seafood Pasta with Cocomilk, Ube Fries with Honeyed Latik, and so on. Not strong on decision-making? Treat your group to a generous buff et spread for P420 per head for a group of six.

After lunch, look for a nook you can claim your own. The real charm of Bohol Bee Farm is to be discovered in the many cozy couches and hammocks spread all over the property. Yes, lazing around is required here. Look for the viewing deck and let the sound of crashing waves serenade you. Get a traditional hilot massage to work out the kinks. Before you depart, stop by the Buzz Shop to load up on spreads, teas, and muffins.

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