Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Bohol Trip part 1

This post was partially written while I’m still in Bohol and was just sitting in my draft folder for 3 weeks now. I originally planned to blog about this daily while in Bohol but I got so tired come night time. So today I decided to go on with it. There will be pictures included from Manila airport to Tagbilaran and our trips to different places in Bohol. So stay put, read and enjoy the pictures from the island of Bohol.

Okay I’ve been sick with skin allergy 2 weeks ago followed by cough and colds. A few days ago I went to my doctor and she said I got an acute sinusitis. No worries because all I need was rest and take my medicines on time and today I feel great already. To make long story short, I was able to proceed with my family to Bohol, a southern province of Visayas, about 600kms away from Manila by plane.

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