Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bohol Diaries : Day 1, Paragayo Resort & Alona Beach

Its been 3 months when I visited the white powdery fine shores of Panglao and believe me getting there was hell lot of fun. The getaway was a treat for myself, as I marked another year old on my age calendar. I remember it was raining moderately when we left Manila, but when the plane touched down at Tagbilaran we were greeted by a sunny fine weather. Surprisingly, it didn’t rain in the entire Bohol for a week even if Manila was badly hit by typhoon Jolina.

I had our accommodation reserved in Panglao Island specifically in Paragayo Resort instead at Tagbilaran. Adventurously speaking for beach bums and party goers like us the island is a good catch, consider as well that it takes another hour just to get to the nearest beach if you are coming from the city.

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