Friday, February 19, 2010

Bohol Diaries : Day 2 – Part 3 Chocolate Hills, Butterfly Garden, Peanut Kisses hunting, Coco Vida & party craze at Oops Bar

After we passed through the winding forest-y road of Bilar, we were led to a town called Carmen home of the Bohol’s scenic yet so famous tourist spot – the Chocolate Hills. At a distance it was already a spectacular view which looked like little sweet Hershey kisses which fell from the skies. And as you go towards it – you will be more amazed.

Tip: Going to the very top of viewer’s deck has 2 entry points. First is by a winding inclined pathway located in the left most part entrance of the view site. The other one is n the right side which basically has narrow steep cemented stairs. I recommend that you try them both so you can get the full view from each sides.

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