Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kayla’a Beach Resort of Dimiao, Bohol

I am proud to be a Boholano. With the pristine beaches and eco-tourism sites my province had, who can’t be proud of it? Well, I am sure if you’re such a traveller, you already had in mind about visiting Bohol. Or in fact you visited Bohol and you are coming back.

I know the resorts in Panglao are good. But there is a lot of things in Bohol other than the beaches in Panglao. I am talking about tourists to try the some other beaches of Bohol. This time, I am talking about Kayla’a Beach Resort which is nestled in the paradise cove of Dimiao, Bohol. The resort is really quiet and I can assure you of total serenity while in the resort. The ambience is really tropical that you don’t need to have an aircon inside your room. The cool breeze of the wind is enough to pamper your mood. The coconut trees growing inside the resort are a relaxing thing to see. While you are in your room, you can glance the volcanic island of Camiguin.

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