Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Endangered Philippine Tarsier: One of the Tiniest Mammals, But Owns the Biggest Eyes

The Philippine tarsiers are one of the smallest primates in the world but own the largest eyes. In their diminutive physical make up, they appear benign and lovely. Sad to know, they are now endangered, but people love to capture these humble and submissive animals in order to keep them as pets.

The Philippine tarsier, as its name indicates is endemic to the Philippines; albeit, around 45 millions years ago, they were known to populate rainforests around the world. They are primarily found in the island of Bohol and Leyte in Central Philippines and in the remaining rainforest of Sarangani Province, near the southernmost of the country. However, as human population continues to grow, farming as the livelihood of many of the common Filipino folks increasingly become extensive, disturbing much of the natural habitats of these primates that qualify as one of the smallest around the world.

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