Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bohol for a bit

After a fantastic Christmas in snow filled Vancouver, it was finally time to start my best friend’s Asian Invasion. I’m not quite sure how it happened but somehow GMA (the President of the Philippines) managed to make most of the days between Christmas and New Years a holiday! Something about encouraging people to travel and promoting tourism. It worked because we were headed to Bohol! Though my family grew up here in the Philippines, none of them had seen the Chocolate Hills. Perfect no?

I arrived at 6 in the morning, ran home to pack a few last minute things and we were out of the house not too long after. We took Cebu Pacific where ‘Every Juan flies’ har har Personally, I prefer it over PAL. The planes seem newer and the staff much more fun. Plus they are the only airline that plays dumb games up in the sky. When we arrived in the TINY airport of Tagbilaran, the van from our resort was waiting. The ride to Amarela was only about a half hour. Tagbilaran is actually on the main island where as the resort was on Panglao, a nearby island. The two are connected by a small land bridge.

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