Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cafe Lawis in Dauis

In between a very hectic working day today in Tagbilaran city, we had a late afternoon snack in the town accross the island called Dauis.

I went home to Bohol for some legal work for the family corporation.

I took a side trip from Cebu as I was having hearings there.

Anyway it was the first time I visited another restaurant in Dauis called Cafe Lawis.

What a spectacle!

There was an unexpected view like no other.
Cafe Lawis is on the premises of the old Dauis church so nobody can miss it.
My hearing is that Bea Zobel developed the area to the tune of P7M---probably more.
The church was renovated.
Visibly changed was the roof of the church.
The restuarant is both indoor and outdoor.
It's an artist's lair obviously.
Outside, it was a breath taiking view of Tagbilran and the main Bohol island.

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