Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Weekend in Bohol

My niece Suzette teased me about my blogging only about my foreign travels, never on my local trips. Gave that a thought, and decided I should have really done some. Not so much for myself, but more for those who may wish to check out some of our local sites. Frankly, I enjoyed these trips around our islands just as much as I enjoyed my foreign travels. Perhaps I only felt compelled to write about my travel adventures when they last longer than 4 nights, never for shorter adventures. But I am changing all that now. So here goes...........

I actually meant to bring my other niece Mayette for this trip, but she's busy. So, Suzette got lucky. Started our adventure with a mid-morning flight via Philippine Air Lines from Manila to Tagbilaran, Bohol. An uneventful flight of an hour and a half or so. The small Tagbilaran airport certainly demands improvement since the province attracted more tourists to check out the Chocolate Hills, tarsiers, Baclayon Church, a few colonial houses, and the beaches of Panglao. Small and seemingly chaotic, we actually did not have any problem retrieving our bags and driving out of the small airport for our next destination - Panglao Island Nature Hotel.


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