Friday, January 16, 2009

To Bohol: I shall return!

I have lots of stories to tell. I've been holding it up in the past few days since I got home. If you've read my previous post you knew that I've been to Bohol. Lets get the ball rolling.

My mom fetched me at the airport of Tagbilaran last thursday afternoon, then we went to Ate Rachel's wedding reception at Bohol Tropics. Yup, I'm talking about wedding reception here and just a bit of FYI, Ate Rachel is one of my sister's closest friend. My sister is a part of the entourage that's why we were there. Sightseeing Bohol was just the second part :p. Food was served around 7pm there was some sort of a program. I took some pictures (not good since I am still on the getting to know each other with my camera), got my stomach full with fish fillet, pancit bihon and brazos de mercedes for dessert (yummy) then we went to Ate Sophie's house (a friend of my sister too).


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