Thursday, November 6, 2008

Escape into Paradiso, Pandanon

Looking for the perfect beach?

Pandanon Island is the place to go. White sand and warm turquoise waters await the visitor for a day of fun in the sun.”

Google Pandanon Island and you’ll be greeted with more than five hundred search results. I found the ‘quote’ above in one of them. Ask a fellow Boholano where Pandanon Island is and you’ll most likely get a shrug. Meanwhile, other literatures list this beach as Pandanon Island, Cebu, Philippines.

It must be that the island is only a few miles from Mactan Island and its throng of beach resorts and may, in fact, be more accessible from Cebu than Jetafe, Bohol, the island’s mother town. And that guests of these resorts are mostly brought to the island via motorized outriggers for day tours and stops from dive safaris, as part of their vacation packages.

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