Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tortas from Bohol

Posted by: Marketman

One of the incredible advantages of frequent flights by budget carriers such as Cebu Pacific to and from Tagbilaran is that oven fresh tortas such as these can be baked in the early morning and be savored in Manila for merienda that afternoon… Cebuano and Boholano tortas are cakes, not eggy and meaty omelettes. I have written about them before, and even posted this recipe, which is really a more modern version made with lots of butter, and which is bake-able almost anywhere in the world. The traditional tortas are often heavy with lard, denser and incredibly rich with lots of eggyolks. I was once told that tortas in a little town in Southern Cebu were preferably mae with lard from the previous year’s fiesta, hence AGED fat for additional flavor. Not too many folks still make these with the traditional recipes as they are practically goading one to keel over with coronary failure, but they are good.

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