Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bohol Escapades 11.29-30.08

Bohol Island is the main island of Bohol Province in the Visayas. It lies southeast from Cebu Island across Cebu Strait (in some references called Bohol Strait) and southwest from Leyte Island, separated by the Camotes Sea and Canigao Channel. Bohol is also located north of Mindanao with Bohol Sea between them.

The reasons to visit Bohol can be as varied as the number of people who visit the place, but there are a few that will usually resound among the many reasons. Those who favor some fun in the tropical waters will find a lot of idyllic beaches. You’ll find all sorts of seaside wonders from developed beaches like Alona Beach to exclusive secluded waterfront locations for your own private encounters in the tropical waters.


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