Sunday, July 13, 2008

Panglao island, Bohol "Little Paradise of Pure Hearts"

It is summertime! The skies gets clearer! The breeze hovers faster! The sun shines longer and time for mountain climbing or hill climbing for that matter! Wowieeee! And during these lovely months, what better place to be than in BOHOL! It is where you can find TARSIERS- considered to be the smallest monkeys in the world! How - about - that!

But did you know that Tarsiers aren't monkeys at all. Actually, they belong to a different specie which is: Tarsius syrichta. Its classification is quite obscure and are often considered by taxonomits(researchers on the study of the general laws and principles of classification) to be "...of distinct suborder among the primates." Others classify these Philippine tarsiers along the line with the lemurs, lorises and bushbabies as prosimians. Oh, Whatever!

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