Wednesday, June 18, 2008

BOHOL 2-day Tour

My team mate, PIO wanted to visit the island of Bohol as he was never been there. Much of a thought that me and my girl pals have been to that picturesque local place, we offered a suggestion to tour him around. It was a plan out of the blue. And it’s been quite a while that we thought of re-visiting as we would like to feel the Loboc river cruise experience which we never had during our first time in it (it was raining that previous day!)

Good thing we had Manong Leonard’s no. as our contact for the van and a tour guide in one. We set the day for the tour on May 31, 2008. We only spent the car rent for Php 2,500 for the whole trip (arrival and departure). But we had a discount!!! Yahoo! The only surprising thing that happened a day before we went to Bohol, my other team mates backed out! Glad to know that another girl friend of mine also wanted to join! There were 4 of us on tour, my girl friend’s boyfriend catch up to our cottage accommodation late in the afternoon.

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