Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bohol Family Vacation

Posted by: Joy Reyes

Went to the airport around 4am. The little girl was too excited to go to the beach “like hi5″ so she was all smiles and didn’t have enough time to get cranky. Her ears hurt so bad though that I had to breastfeed her to make it stop.

Reached bohol at exactly 7am. Our tour guide Mang Jun is very professional and you can feel how much he loves his town. We were very tired because we only slept like one hour the night before so the three of us nods off every now and then throughout the entire tour. I feel bad about this because Mang Jun have so many stories that he want to share. So I suggest to book a countryside tour when you’re feeling refreshed and awake.

Bohol is so clean and apparently, crime-free. We saw old houses, mangroves, swordsmiths, and tricycles with words of God at the back.

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