Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Double Doom For Boom Boom

Originally posted from: Bohol Republic

Boom Boom Bautista has to face the shame of being the sole loser in the Philippine Team for the World Cup of Boxing: Philippines versus Mexico, then our kind governor, right after his loss, pulls out a road concreting project in Boom-Boom’s home village. Ouch! “If Boom-boom becomes a champion, I will fulfill my commitment that I will have the road passing through his barangay in Can-uling cemented. Right now, it’s a no go. Maybe later… Let’s wait for the time when he becomes champion. And I am hopeful that he still has a bright future in boxing,” Governor Aumentado said in Cebuano in a telephone interview. (source: full story here)

The Philippines can’t possibly have it all, Boom Boom had to fall. And nicely before his face would’ve been smashed by the ravaging fists of Daniel Ponce de Leon if the match went further.

But must the governor do that?

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